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Federated Scheduled Meetings

- 2015 Federated Meeting Calendar (File Size: 277kb)

- 2014 Federated Meeting Calendar (File Size: 265kb)

- 2013 Federated Meeting Calendar (File Size: 51kb)

- 2012 Federated Meeting Schedule Calendar (File Size: 46kb)

- 2011Federated Meeting Calendar (File Size: 8kb)

- 2010 Federated Meeting Schedule Calendar (File Size: 81kb)

- 2009 Federated Meeting Schedule Calendar (File Size: 61kb)

- 2008 Federated Meeting Calendar (File Size: 61kb)

- 2007 Federated Meeting Calendar (File Size: 60kb)

All other meetings will be scheduled by staff on an “as-needed” basis.

Council Chambers:
City Hall, 200 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA. 95113

Retirement Conference Room:
The Office of Retirement Services, 1737 N. First St., Suite 600, San Jose, CA. 95112-4505



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