Upon a City of San José member’s death, certain benefits may be payable to a surviving spouse, domestic partner, or designated beneficiaries. Use this section as a guideline and allow us to help you through this difficult time.


What to do in the Event of a Member’s Death

Please let ORS know right away.  Call our main number at (800) 732-6477, to report the member’s death as soon as possible.

After your call, staff will research the member’s file to determine any applicable survivor and/or death benefits. 

Staff will then notify the survivor or beneficiary in writing regarding the detail of the benefits, if any, that are payable.  Depending upon the existence and type of benefits that are payable, ORS will provide instructions and include any forms that need to be completed.  In the letter, ORS may also request copies of certain documents.

Please note that ORS will require a death certificate in every case. It does not need to be a certified copy.

What to do in the Event of a Death of Non-Member Who Received City of San José Benefits

This section applies to the death of a:

  • member’s former spouse or domestic partner who had City of San José benefits through a court order, or
  • survivor of a member who was receiving survivor benefits.

Call our main number at (800) 732-6477, to report the death as soon as possible. Staff will let you know what additional steps should be taken, if any.