Voluntary Insurances

The following voluntary benefit plans are offered to retirees by Office of Retirement Services.  It is voluntary for retirees to use and premiums are paid 100% by the retiree via pension deductions.   




All retirees are eligible to participate in the City of San José’s Vision Insurance Plans.  Retirees have two (2) vision plans available to choose from:  VSP – Signature and VSP - Choice. Please click on the following links to learn how benefits, claims, and payment of claims are covered, as well as the service limitations and exclusions that may apply. 

No ID card is required to use the benefits. Simply let the provider know you have VSP and they will bill VSP directly. 

Contact the Plan Provider

VSP Presentation

Long Term Care

The City’s long term care (LTC) insurance plan covers expenses related to nursing home care, residential care, facility care, and community and home based care, and is designed to help alleviate the financial burdens of participants who suffer the need to utilize these services. New Group Long Term Care Insurance will NOT be issued after June 30, 2013. LTC Policies in place by June 30, 2013 will continue to be honored. Retirees, spouses, and survivors/beneficiaries who have a LTC policy in place by June 30, 2013 will be able to keep their coverage as long as premiums are paid. 

Personal Accident Insurance (AD&D)

All retirees are eligible to participate in the City of San José’s Personal Accident Insurance group policy with Cigna Group Insurance. Personal Accident Insurance (aka AD&D) is an optional, supplementary insurance program that provides retirees with the opportunity to purchase extra insurance to cover serious injury or death caused by accident. Please click on the links below to learn more about the City’s Personal Accident Insurance group policy with CIGNA. Retirees may apply for coverage or change coverage at any time. Please complete the enrollment form and forward it to ORS. Coverage will begin on the first day of the month following the month in which we receive your form. 

Basic Life Insurance

At the time of retirement, eligible retirees may continue to carry life insurance coverage (at reduced levels) through the City of San José’s group life insurance policy with The Standard Insurance Company. In addition, retiring employees may “Port” their existing level of coverage to a universal group policy administered by The Standard Insurance Company. Below is information on both the City’s group policy benefits as well as information on porting your coverage to an individual policy. 

The Office of Retirement Services will process all Life Insurance claims. 


The cost of ported coverage is subject to your age. Rates are listed in the Portability Application below. 

Voluntary Life Insurance

The City of San José in partnership with Standard Insurance Company developed a new life insurance benefit for City retirees that went into effect January 1, 2008. An employee of the City of San José who retires under the City’s retirement program is eligible to enroll. This benefit is NOT available to retiree dependents and/or survivors. The retiree must apply in writing within 31 days after the date employment terminates. 

The Office of Retirement Services will process all Life Insurance claims.