Dental Insurance 

FEDERATED RETIREES: You must be enrolled at the time of retirement with 5 years of service or receive retirement allowance of at least 37.5% of final compensation. In addition, the employee must retire directly from City service. (“Deferred vested” members are not eligible.) 

Eligible retirees have two (2) dental plans available to choose from: Delta Dental of California PPO and DeltaCare USA HMO. Please click on the following links to learn how benefits, claims, and payment of claims are covered, as well as the service limitations and exclusions that may apply. 



Retirees now have an In-Lieu credit program. If you are eligible to enroll in dental insurance, but you choose to not take the insurance through City of San José, you can enroll in the Dental In-Lieu credit program. These credits accumulate in an account for you. Enrollment in the In-Lieu credit program does not carryover from year-to year automatically. You must re-enroll for In-Lieu every year during Open Enrollment. 


The Retirement Funds pay 100% of the dental monthly premiums for eligible members. 

Service Area Requirements 

  • Delta Care HMO is for members who reside in California. 
  • Delta Dental PPO is a nationwide plan and does not require a California residence. 

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