Police & Fire Department Retirement Plan Board

The Retirement Plan is administered by a nine-member Board of Administration composed of two City employees elected by members of the system, two Retired Plan members elected by the Retiree Associations, four public members, who are not connected with the City and have significant banking or investment experience, and another public member, who is selected by the eight Board members and approved by the City Council. The Board is appointed by the City Council and serves in accordance with Section 2.08, Part 12 of the San Jose Municipal Code.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to ensure prompt, professional delivery of services and benefits to our members, and to collect, invest, and expend system assets in a prudent, fair, and timely manner.

Franco Vado

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Sunita Ganapati

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Andrew Gardanier

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David Kwan

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Howard Lee

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Eswar Menon

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Richard Santos

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Dave Wilson

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Pam Foley

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