Federated Retirement Plan Board

The Retirement Plan is administered by a seven-member Board of Administration composed of two City employees elected by members of the system, a Retiree Representative, and three public members, who are not connected with the City and have significant banking or investment experience, and another public member, who is selected by the six Board members and approved by the City Council. The Board is appointed by the City Council and serves in accordance with Section 2.08, Part 10 of the San Jose Municipal Code.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to: 

  • govern and manage the System in accordance with applicable fiduciary standards; 
  • provide accurate, timely benefits and high-quality service to our members and beneficiaries; and 
  • collect, invest, and expend system assets in a cost-effective manner.

Accurate pension checks, on time … for life!

Spencer Horowitz

Chair Learn More about Spencer Horowitz

Julie Jennings

Vice Chair Learn More about Julie Jennings

Deborah Abbott

Trustee Learn More about Deborah Abbott

Prachi Avasthy

Trustee Learn More about Prachi Avasthy

Anurag Chandra

Trustee Learn More about Anurag Chandra

Matthew Faulkner

Trustee Learn More about Matthew Faulkner

Mark Linder

Trustee Learn More about Mark Linder

Devora "Dev" Davis

City Council Liaison to the Board Learn More about Devora "Dev" Davis