Under California's community property laws, retirement benefits earned during a marriage or a State-registered domestic partnership are community property assets that may be divided when a marriage is dissolved or a domestic partnership is terminated.

If you have a divorce while you are an active, inactive or retired member, or you are planning to file a dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership, you must contact the Office of Retirement Services (ORS) regarding the division of your retirement benefits.

Below are guidelines for Plan-Approved Domestic Relations Orders (PADROs) which provide information that participants, former spouses, former partners, and their attorneys need to know. The Guidelines include information on dividing your retirement benefits, the Combined Account option, the Separate Account option, and sample PADROs.

Guidelines for PADRO (Police & Fire) 

Guidelines for PADRO (Federated)

Divorce can involve complicated property rights and tax issues. It is recommended that you seek competent legal advice to help you understand these issues. ORS staff cannot provide you legal advice nor can we provide you with the value of your pension.